US 17 1851 12¢ Washington A16


Scott U.S. #17
Series of 1851-57 12¢ Washington
First Day of Issue: July 1, 1851
Quantity issued: 2,500,000 (estimate)
Printed by: Toppan, Carpenter & Co.
Printing Method: Flat plate
Watermark: None
Perforation: Imperforate
Color: Black

In 1851, Congress diminished postal rates. These new rates for all intents and purposes disposed of separation as a variable and made a requirement for new divisions. The 1¢ stamp was utilized on all mail up to 3 ounces and on “drop letters” which were sent to the same town. The single letter rate, taking into account a half ounce, was changed to 3¢ for mail not over a separation of 3,000 miles. Mail surpassing this separation was brought down to 6¢. In 1855, the rate for letters more than 3,000 miles changed to 10¢. Along these lines, the 12¢ Washington stamp fulfilled the twofold residential rate more than 3,000 miles.

Cuts up of U.S. #17 are known and are enormously esteemed on spread (which serves to archive their certified postal utilize and wipe out the potential for extortion).

Prepayment was still discretionary. On the off chance that postage was paid by the recipient upon receipt, the rate was higher. Because of expanded gather rates, the utilization of postage stamps was significantly invigorated. In 1855, pre-installment was made mandatory.

Each U.S. #17 stamp was printed from the same plate onto hard, white wove paper. The plate was recut an awesome arrangement, yet the work was done skillfully. A number of double transfers are known.

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